“That was interesting.”

That’s how junior point guard Ben Singer described the 27-0 start to the season opener against Nashville Central Christian, which ended in a 78-41 win for the Wildcats.

The Donelson Christian run in the first period put the game away early. The shutout only ended when the Warriors’ Robert Wheeler made a buzzer beater from near half court to end the period.

It’s not every day that a team jumps out to a run like that, and Singer was as surprised as anyone.

“That is the first time I have ever been on a 27-0 run,” Singer said. “And I didn’t realize it until they hit the three from half court, and I was like, ‘Wow, that was their first points.’”

Head coach Nate Johnson said he was pleased to see the offense get off to such a good start.

“We got out, and we ran the ball,” Johnson said. “We got out, and we hit some shots and played with confidence. Ben [Singer] did a really good job controlling it and pushing the ball up and finding the shooters.”

While their defense gave up only three points in the first period, both Singer and Johnson noticed shortcomings on that side of the ball later in the game.

“Defensively, we need to improve big time,” Singer said. “We’re giving up a lot on defense. Honestly, we’re rusty, but we can improve on that a lot.”

Johnson said, “We didn’t really play the defense that I like to play. I feel like we gave up a lot of shots in the lane. We fouled way too much and gave up a lot of points at the free throw line. That would probably be what I’m disappointed with.”

Box Score

DCA (78) – Blake Anderson 19, Ben Singer 16, Jaden Carman 14, Parker Howell 8, Jude Charlton 4, Max Frazier 4, Joe Sims 4, Will Parker 3, Gabe Frankenfield 2, Drew Johnson 2, Riley Stanton 2.

Nashville Central Christian (41) – Robert Wheeler 22, Garrett Taylor 5, Samuel Bonner 4, Alex Reeves 4, Timothy Griffith 3, Evan Burch 2, Chancellor Little 1.

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