Arion Carter ran for his first touchdown on the night just 80 seconds into the game and he didn’t stop running until Smyrna coach Matt Williams took him out late in the fourth quarter against Dickson County on Friday night.

Carter would finish with five touchdowns in the 49-20 victory over Dickson that included seven total rushing touchdowns for the Bulldogs and a lightning delay just before halftime.

“I was proud of Arion tonight and I’m proud of our offensive line,” Smyrna coach Matt Williams said. “Our guys up front are young and haven’t played a lot so I was proud of how they blocked. Arion had an extraordinary effort and I told him before the game we were going to have to run the ball. We knew how good their (Dickson) quarterback was and we had to try and keep him off the field.”

Carter scored his second touchdown just a few minutes later as Smyrna took a 14-0 lead just over four minutes into the game.

After that touchdown, Dickson County found some rhythm and was able to put together a long drive and get points on the board when Colbey Lamberth threw a 21-yard strike to Ian Bonura to cut the deficit to seven at 14-7.

Dickson would go on to tie the game in the second quarter as Lamberth threw his second touchdown of the night after Don Dunning ran past the Smyrna defense and received the 32-yard pass from Lamberth with 6:38 remaining in the second quarter.

Not too long after, though, Smyrna was able to take the lead back as quarterback Landon Miller took the sneak in from three yards out to take a 21-14 lead with 4:19 remaining in the half but that would be the last score for a very long time.

Just as Miller streaked into the end zone, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky causing a weather delay. It took almost an hour but both teams finally made their way back onto the wet field and resumed play. For Smyrna, the weather wasn’t really a problem. They were enforcing their will up front on the line of scrimmage anyway but for Dickson, the rain became a serious issue.

While it was somewhat dry, Dickson was able to move the ball through the air. After the rain started (and never really stopped) the passing game became much harder to execute for the Cougars.

“We knew and worked on all week that there was stuff in the passing game that gave us an advantage,” Dickson coach Greg Burns said. “Our quarterback Colbey (Lamberth) did a really good job in the first half and Ian Bonura had a really nice game as well. We were able to move the ball through the air until the rain came. After it started to rain, our advantage schematically was gone. They’re really good up front and made it hard on us to run anyway.”

After the delay, Dickson took possession but couldn’t make much happen as the Cougars punted and Carter would soon find his third touchdown. The Bulldogs left just one minute and thirty-four seconds on the clock which would be just enough for Dickson to get back down the field as Lamberth threw his third and final touchdown of the night to defensive lineman McKaleb Frazier. Frazier had a special play put in this week that the team worked on and executed. Unfortunately for Dickson, it would be their final score of the evening.

Carter didn’t take long to get started in the second half as the running back made his way into the end zone for his fourth touchdown of the night just two and a half minutes into the third quarter and then scored his fifth just three minutes later.

Miller would find the end zone once more as he ran in from three yards out and only one minute remaining in the third quarter and that would be the final score of the game to arrive at the 49-20 final.

Carter would finish the night with 280 yards on 29 carries. Miller finished with only 13 rushing yards but he did have two rushing touchdowns and 101 yards through the air while completing six of his seven passes.

“That type of effort is definitely something that builds confidence for a young offensive line up front,” Williams added. “I couldn’t be any more proud of how they did and also our quarterback Landon Miller and Jaden Jones, who came in late for us, both made some plays in the running game.”

With the win, Smyrna is now 5-3 on the season. The Bulldogs are scheduled to host McGavock next week. McGavock is 4-4 on the year after grabbing a win in their last matchup against Antioch.

Dickson, now 1-7 on the season, are scheduled to host Cane Ridge. The Ravens are 5-3 on the season after taking down Overton in a 35-27 win.

Casey Patrick is the sports reporter for the Cheatham County Exchange and the Dickson Post. He graduated from Dickson County High School in 2010.

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