COLUMBIA – The Creek Wood and Dickson County football teams had their final dress rehearsal Friday night at the Columbia Central Jamboree

Dickson was first up and took on Spring Hill. The teams played two quarters, and the Cougars had some trouble moving the ball on offense. Spring Hill defeated Dickson 22-3, but coach Randy Murphree said he wasn’t worried about the score.

“We didn’t plan for Spring Hill,” Murphree said. “We just wanted to use this opportunity to work on some things. We didn’t have any tape on them, and I wasn’t really worried about what they were going to try to do. I just wanted our guys to go out and execute.”

Gavin Meadows was all over the field on defense and had some success running the ball. Meadows was around the ball for every Spring Hill carry and the rest of the Cougar defense assisted him.

Tre’vonn Rybka made his way into the backfield and stopped a few Spring Hill rushing attempts. He also made some plays on the offensive side of the ball and took a five-yard curl route inside the redzone to allow the Cougars a chance for a field goal.

“Through the past few weeks during our scrimmages, we’ve improved,” Murphree added. “It’s our (last) dress rehearsal and we’ve got a week to improve. We’re going to drastically improve over the next week. We’ll never be where I want (us) to be, but we will continue to work.”

Creek Wood took on host Columbia Central in the last scrimmage of the night. Creek Wood took the ball first and scored a touchdown on a Will Secker run. That drive took over seven minutes and it served as a precursor to what the rest of the game would look like.

Creek Wood went on to defeat Columbia Central 21-0 as Danny Stansberry added a long touchdown run for the second score and Jevon Sweatt finished the night off with a touchdown run, breaking five tackles as he made his way through the Columbia defense.

However, Creek Wood did have some miscues. Andre Darden was called for pass interference on a poorly thrown ball. D.J. Riley also gave up a deep pass play, but he made up for it a few plays later by swatting a pass away from a Columbia receiver.

“Execution was high and the energy was high,” Creek Wood coach Houston Thiel said. “That’s something that we preach, so that was nice to see. Our defense played (well). They did give up the one long play, but we were able to hold them there and get a stop. The offense continues to look sharp. Elijah (Donaldson) made some great throws and really great reads. He’s growing up as a quarterback, it was just a really nice performance from him.”

Thiel said the best news from the preseason was that his team emerged from camp relatively healthy.

“It was really nice to just get through the offseason healthy,” Thiel added. “Last season, we had our fair share of problems with injuries, but we’re healthy and that’s a good thing because we’re about to begin this war of attrition. We’ve got 11 weeks to go.”

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