After cruising past West Creek in the semifinals, the Rossview Hawks knocked off the defending champion Clarksville Wildcats in their own gym to take home the District 12-AAA title on Tuesday night.

Both Rossview and Clarksville were able to knock off their opposition fairly handedly in their semifinal matchups. The Hawks defeated the Coyotes 66-15, while CHS took down Kenwood by a score of 75-6. 

The finals were a final different story, however.

CHS held a 14-0 advantage over the Hawks after the first three matches. Three additional matches and one unsportsmanlike misconduct later, RHS took their first lead of the championship round and held a two-point, 15-13 lead over the defending district champions.

After having one point deducted due to the unsportsmanlike misconduct, the Wildcats’ Konnor Roach was disqualified later in the match due to a flagrant called on him. This resulted in three additional points being deducted from CHS’ score and gave the Hawks a 28-26 lead with just two matches remaining.

In a thrilling final match, RHS’ Jeb Burchett was able to hold off the Wildcats’ Malachi Robinson to claim the Hawks first district championship since 2018.

Head coach Jeff Price was excited about victory and his team's overall performance, but says they have expected this result since before the season even began.

“We know who we are,” Price said. “This is what we expected from day one of this season. This is what we expected three years ago when we won the district. The past two years we have beaten Clarksville in the regular season and then lost to them in the districts. This year for the first time, we took a step back and said this is the match we are going to win and not focus on the regular season as much.”

Following the loss, Wildcats head coach Tommy Badon spoke to his team in a corner of the William Workman Gymnasium for an extensive period of time. During that time, he told his players that it is how you win or lose that is more important than the win or loss itself.

“Losing sucks, but what is more important is how you do it,” Badon said. “I had some guys who did an incredible job in this match but, while this is an individual sport, it is also a team sport and if everyone doesn’t perform and behave exceptionally then everyone is viewed as the least common denominator as a team. Even though we had some wonderful effort in that last match, [Malachi Robinson] gave everything he had and was so upset because he couldn’t do it for his team. He is such a wonderful example of what sports and competition is all about, but that is overlooked because of what two of his teammates did. That is what I was communicating to them [after the loss].”

Rossview will advance to the region tournament to play on Jan. 28, while CHS will take on Wilson Central in their next match.



145 CLASS-  Julian Bershear (RHS) def Devin Otero (WC)

152 CLASS- Mason Fierge (WC) def Anthony Bracero (RHS)

160 CLASS-  Jordan Musarra (RHS) def Joshua Ward (WC)

170 CLASS- Houston Brown (RHS) def Gabriel Vandiver (WC)

132 CLASS- Duston Chavis (RHS) wins off FF

195 CLASS- Zachary Duessler (RHS) def Ayden Andalen (WC)

220 CLASS- Gary Chessman (RHS) def Chris Carbin (WC)

285 CLASS- Jonathan Cook (WC) def Ashton Chavis (RHS)

106 CLASS- Davion Wheeler (RHS) def Jason Scorpio (WC)

113 CLASS- Ben Mayberry (RHS) def Aidan Renken (WC)

120 CLASS- Zachariah Loreant (RHS) def Landon Olson (WC)

126 CLASS- Bryce Woemer (RHS) def Cael Crume (WC)

132 CLASS- Samuel Shires (RHS) def Dylyn Hussey (WC)

138 CLASS- Nathaniel Gonzalez (WC) def Spencer Porter (RHS)



145 CLASS-  Malachi Robinson (CHS) def Damion Garland (KHS)

152 CLASS-  Aidan Brenot (CHS) def Aden Taylor (KHS)

160 CLASS-  Matthew Seeber (CHS) def Rodney Sayis (KHS)

170 CLASS- Michael Bissonett (CHS) def Justin Johnson (KHS)

182 CLASS- Deago Buck (CHS) def Noah Taylor (KHS)

195 CLASS- Tyler Lowell (KHS) def Timothy Freeland (CHS)

220 CLASS- Kylar Edwards (CHS)def Fredrick Ellis (KHS)

285 CLASS-  Zyrion Elliott (CHS) def Dagoberto Rodriguez (KHS)

106 CLASS- Koen Ploeckelman (CHS) def Jimmy Fendley (KHS)

113 CLASS- Devin Lozdoski (CHS) def Nathan Spuill (KHS)

120 CLASS-  Niko Gottlick (CHS) def Ja’Kobi Moore (KHS)

126 CLASS-  Konnor Roach (CHS) def Emmanuel Millan (KHS)

132 CLASS- Camden Stahley (CHS) def Justin Johnson (KHS)

138 CLASS-  Aiden Johnson (CHS) wins off FF



152 CLASS-  Aidan Brenot (CHS) def Julian Bershear (RHS)

160 CLASS- Michael Bissonett (CHS) def Jordan Musarra (RHS)

170 CLASS- Matthew Seeber (CHS) def Houston Brown (RHS)

182 CLASS- Zachary Duessler (RHS) def Memphis Smith (CHS) 

195 CLASS- Ruben Avalos (RHS) def Deago Buck (CHS)

220 CLASS- Gary Cheesman (RHS) def Jace Powell (CHS)

285 CLASS- Kylar Edwards (CHS) def Ashton Chavis (RHS)

106 CLASS- Koen Ploeckelman (CHS) def Davion Wheeler (RHS)

113 CLASS- Devin Lozdoski (CHS) def Ben Mayberry (RHS)

120 CLASS- Zachariah Loreant (RHS) def Niko Gottlick (CHS)

126 CLASS-  Jacob Miller (RHS) def  Konnor Roach (DQ) (CHS)

132 CLASS- Bryce Woemer (RHS) def Camden Stahley (CHS)

138 CLASS- Samuel Shires (RHS) def Aiden Johnson (CHS)

145 CLASS-  Jeb Burchett (RHS) def Malachi Robinson (CHS)

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