The Clarksville Lady Wildcats continue to look strong after their district-mandated COVID hiatus. They defeated the Kenwood Lady Knights 63-32 on Tuesday, winning their second straight game by over 20 points.

“All teams are trying to grow right now,” said CHS head coach Brian Rush. “We’re trying to find our rhythm again. It’s been nice to play a couple games. We get to turn around in two more days and play again. I think, once we start getting that rhythm going, I just think that’s going to be much better for the kids than what they’re used to.”

The Lady Cats didn’t waste any time taking a lead and went into the second quarter with a 15-point advantage, and that number continued to inflate after every eight minutes until the final horn.

As one of the lowest ranking teams in District 10-AAA, Kenwood went into the contest knowing they weren’t likely to stop CHS and instead opted to shoot for different goals, according to head coach Shameca Gardner.

“Not to turn the ball over, and we did,” she said. “Rebound, and we did better. Just playing under control and trying to get better every game. I knew we weren’t going to shut them down, but effort through the whole game. That was our number one goal, was effort throughout the whole game.

“For the most part (we did), until the end. I keep saying we’re young, but we’re not young. We’re very experienced. We’re out own worst enemies. Until we get ourselves out of our own way, we’re not going to be that good.”

Clarksville expected the Lady Knights to come out with energy and hoped to match it. They used skillful ball handling from guards Imari Berry and Erin Lackey along with slick passes to open up the floor, with Sydney Weatherford and Macy Brown being the main scoring beneficiaries. The team made seven three-pointers, including four in the first quarter.

“As a coach, you like when you see that,” Rush said. “Everybody’s looking for that next pass. I thought we did a really good job of that. I thought, early in the game... we may have done that too much. Once we settled down, really started looking for the person that’s ready to score, we did a much better job with that.”

The Lady Wildcats will host the top-ranked Northwest Lady Vikings on Friday, Jan. 15 while Kenwood will battle the Northeast Lady Eagles the same night. 


Clarksville (63): Sydney Weatherford 15, Macy Brown 12, Kate Howard 9, Erin Lackey 7, Nariah Nicholson 6, Imari Berry 4, Angel Martin 4, Alexis Wimberly 4, Brystal Calhoun 2. 

Kenwood (32): Chamyra Teasley 8, Iyanna Curtis 6, Dante’sha Brandt 6, Shaleyia Townsend 5, Shay Vaughn 4, Jamara Trotter 2, Tamaria Arnold 1. 

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