Cheatham County wrestling

Cheatham County High School senior wrestling team members are (left to right: Avery Turner, Chris Biggs Jr., Hayes Tenry, Dawson Vanderford, Michael Cothran, Blake Levrets and Taylor Nolan. BILL CLARK

ASHLAND CITYZach Nieves scored a pin in the final match of the night to give Sycamore the first-place team trophy in the annual Battle for Cheatham County wrestling event.

Cheatham County Central, Harpeth, and Sycamore all competed but Sycamore came away on top to take home the trophy after an event that had parents screaming and kids jumping in an electric werestling environment in the commons area.

Sycamore defeated Harpeth 56-24 in the first match which put Harpeth up against host Cheatham County. Cheatham County won that match 48-22 to set up the final match with Sycamore. Nieves got a pin in the final match to give Sycamore the 42-36 win.

“Seeing that we were the ones that made the trophy and we lost it last year to now bring it home is really an amazing feeling,” Sycamore coach Raymond Bass said. “These guys needed that, especially coming off the loss at the duals; that was really, really tight and we should have pulled that out then but it got really tight tonight and they stepped up this time.”

Cheatham County celebrated its senior night with six wrestlers and the scorekeeper. Hayes Tenry, Blake Levrets, Michael Cothran, Chris Biggs Jr., Dawson Vanderford, Avery Turner and Taylor Nolan were all recognized.

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