Ben Hung (26) Mauricio Najera (4).jpg

Ben Hung (26), Mauricio Najera (4)

NASHVILLE—The Overton Bobcats squeaked out a tough 1-0 win over the Glencliff Colts in a battle for the top spot in District 11-AAA.

The Bobcats were the more aggressive team, controlling possession and getting shots on goal although no shots no shots found the back of the net for much of the first half. 

“It doesn’t matter how great you’re trying to be, everyone has to defend 1-v-1 on a set piece, compete athletically and we did that,” Overton coach Cole Eppstein said. “We were having shots on goal and putting more pressure on them (Glencliff).”

However, late in the first half, Overton scored on goal on an odd play. As the Bobcats were heading down to score, the ball deflected off a Glencliff defender as he was on the ground and had the ball trapped between his legs. Which by rule, set up an indirect kick for Overton.

Ricardo Torres put one in to give the Bobcats the only goal of the game. Glencliff coach Corey Staggs was frustrated with the play. 

“The refs said that we played it from the ground, and when you play it from the ground with a player in front of you, it’s a foul,” Staggs said. “I don’t disagree with the call. The only thing that I disagree with is that (Overton) got away with a push in the back before that happened.”

“It was a crazy situation,” Eppstein added. “But I thought we earned it through the chances that we had in the first half. Getting closer and closer having good looks.”

The goal was awarded to Overton right before the first half was finished and the Bobcats never gave up their lead. In the second half, things began to get real chippy.

An altercation between players on both teams drew yellow cards on Glencliff’s Edgar Najera and Overton’s Jason Cartegena. 

Glencliff missed a few opportunities to score later in the half. After scoring nine goals in their last match against Hillwood, Staggs was disappointed in his team’s lack of consistency on offense.

“We missed some easy shots early in the first half that could’ve had us up 1-0,” Staggs said. “If that one shot goes in, we go up 1-0, who knows what happens later in the game instead of a freak goal that is scored by Overton.”

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