TSSAA to use hybrid plan for football


The TSSAA passed contingency plans for football and girls soccer Wednesday if the 2020 season doesn't start on time.

In football, the Board of Control voted on a "hybrid" plan similar to the orginal Option 2.

Option 2 originally called for the TSSAA to schedule all region games for teams across the state. The region champion and runner-up would make the playoffs and a 16-team bracket would be used. Additionally, the plan called for the season to start on Sept. 18.

However, the "hybrid" plan would kick in when Gov. Bill Lee's state of emergency order through Aug. 29 is lifted or allows the TSSAA to be exempt. Teams would be allowed three weeks of contact practices. It also allows teams to keep their original schedule, rather than the TSSAA assigning them.

If the season were to begin a week or two later rather than Sept. 18, the "hybrid" plan would allow teams to keep the majority of their schedule.

For example, if two teams from the same region are scheduled to play Week 1 and the season doesn't start until a week or two later, they would play each other when they have the same open date later in the season. If not, they each would drop a non-region opponent on the same week to allow them to still play one another.

"We're maximizing our ability to play as much of the original schedule if we don't start on Sept. 18," TSSAA Executive Director Bernard Childress said. "It allows the coaches to keep their scheduled intact as much as possible."

In girls soccer, if the season doesn’t start on time, the contingency play would be to extend the season two weeks sand hold the state championships Nov. 11-14.

The plan would kick in if the season doesn’t start by Aug. 9.

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