White House's Jacob Watts bowled a 300 in Game 2 of the boys quarterfinals of the TSSAA state tournament 

SMYRNA- Bowling a perfect game is impressive, but bowling one at the TSSAA state tournament is even more impressive. That’s what White House senior Jacob Watts did Thursday morning in the quarterfinal round.

Despite getting off to a great start, it wasn’t until later in the game that Watts had a feeling he could hit the 300-mark.

“About the seventh or eighth I knew,” Watts said. “Throughout the season I’ve had a couple games that ended in the eighth frame, so I just needed to get over that hump. Once I felt that, I felt pretty confident.”

The perfect game gives Watts five all-time. He noted that having already bowled a 300 a few times helps keep the nerves in check as he heads into the final frames.

“To be honest, I didn’t really feel nervous because I know that I’ve practiced a lot for that,” Watts said. “It definitely helps having a couple under your belt.”

The senior finished as the top bowler in both the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds of the tournament, making him the top seed in the championship round on Friday. Watts will need just one win on Friday to take home the individual championship.

After finishing 39tha year ago, Watts knows how hard this tournament is to win, but isn’t letting the nerves get to him.

“This is a hard tournament, it really is. Every game you have to be at your best. I’m a little nervous, but not too bad.”

In the quarterfinals, Watts had scores of 215, 300, 200 and 218. In the semifinals, he had scores of 245, 225, 207 and 279. 

Full results are below:


32- Michael Frensley, White House

Quarterfinals: 171, 224, 146, 181


11- Destiny Law, White House – 189.6 average

Quarterfinals: 211, 178, 203, 169

Semifinals: 194, 207, 198, 157

12- Katherine Campbell, White House Heritage – 187.3 average

Quarterfinals: 202, 185, 160, 179

Semifinals: 224, 169, 227, 152

15- Miranda Cain, White House – 184.9 average

Quarterfinals: 187, 150, 211, 196

Semifinals: 153, 255, 139, 188

23- Kyleigh Husted, White House – 171.5 average

Quarterfinals: 177, 156, 129, 245

Semifinals: 124, 194, 154, 193

31- Meredith Rayburn, White House – 159.5 average

Quarterfinals: 158, 176, 157, 147

33- Lauren Smith, White House

Quarterfinals: 133, 136, 147, 202

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